5 Digital Marketing Tools for your Business

This is a digital world; everyone is busy online, some are buying, and some are selling, but both need an understanding of different digital tools to grow and exist. Let’s talk about 5 digital marketing tools for your business:

Mail Chimp

Have you heard of email marketing? 8 out of 10 people are using email marketing for their business growth.

So, start implementing the email marketing strategy from day one. If we look into the stats of mail chimps, with around 12 million customers, mail chimp is considered one of the best digital marketing tools for emails.

Mail chimp started in 2001 when not many companies used email marketing. You can answer all your queries through the self-service support option. And a free plan if you have less than 2000 subscribers and send less than 1200 emails monthly.


HubSpot is a top player; it works for marketing, sales, and CRM. Using HubSpot, you can have access to the following tools:

  1. Blogging
  2. Search Engine Optimization
  3. Social Media
  4. Website
  5. Landing pages
  6. Call to action
  7. Email
  8. Marketing automation
  9. Analytics
  10. Lead Management

Mobile Monkey

Want an automatic and quick chat medium between you and your customer? Mobile Monkey is the best solution for your need. Around 75% of people have reported that chatting is more accessible than emailing between company and client. They consider chatting more convenient and direct.

Mobile Monkey is connected with a number of your favorite messaging channels, including:

  1. SMS Text messaging
  2. Live Chat
  3. Instagram DMs
  4. Facebook Messenger


Trello is one of our favorite tools; it helps manage tasks and projects by keeping the team on the same page. If you want to post a blog and need a team’s review, you can share the doc on Trello; everyone can look into that, share their ideas and be productive as a team. The primary purpose is to ensure your strategy is transmitted on one platform.


No business can flourish without the help of social media; it’s a must in this digital era. Hootsuite is one of those tools that can help you grow digitally by managing your social media posts in advance. For Example: if your audience is primarily online at midnight and your sleep time is 10 pm, adjust your posting time and go to sleep. Amazing right?

Hootsuite offers some of the best features, including:

  1. It identifies the influencers for the marketing team and leads for the sales team.
  2. Replies to comments on every platform
  3. Takes best advantage of some pre-written responses
  4. Schedule e the posts before the posting time.


This was all about 5 digital marketing tools for your business. Want to know more about business growth? Visit TECHY STORM.

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