7 Types of Email Marketing

What if I tell you that emails are still breathing their last breaths in contemporary social media? Yes! Besides the fact that social media has been the game changer for every field of life, never forget that social media is for reach, but email is for revenue. And what does every entrepreneur seek? Revenue! Yes, that’s right! So, here I jot down the seven most popular types of email marketing.

Although there are various modes of communication like social media platforms and live chats, still, email is ruling the marketing kingdom with a user base of over 4.5 billion people. If I talk about how email marketing campaigns are run, it should be noted that they are precisely calculated and strategic.

So, here are a few types of email marketing that should be implemented in the digital marketing campaign. But there are more definitive lists. Yes! It is because every brand shapes its strategy accordingly.

Here are a few types of most common emails used in digital marketing.

  • Welcome emails
  • Email Newsletters
  • Dedicated emails
  • Lead nurturing emails
  • Transactional emails
  • Follow-up emails
  • Brand story emails
  • Video emails
  • Review request emails

1. Welcome emails

Well, selling your product without building relationships is not a good idea. The seller must work on their first impression and identity of the brand. The first impression is the warm welcome email that must illustrate your brand identity, expertise and knowledge.

Therefore, consider a welcome email to be your readers’ first impression of your business. The delivery, open, and click-through rates for welcome emails are the highest. Your welcome email should be friendly, inviting, and informative, and “wow” your audience by thanking them for coming to the party! Send a welcome email as soon as your audience signs up so they know who you are and what they can expect from your company, and you can build trust with them.

2. Email Newsletters

Emails are a technique to raise conversion rates. And Email newsletters, as the name clicks, are any news or update regarding your brand, business or industry. The most common type of email aims to keep the audience engaged and build a trustworthy relationship with them.

However, email newsletters can be the foundation of an effective email campaign. It assists the audience in making the right decision at the perfect time. It also helps to educate your customer and prospect your business in the most compelling ways.

Although the purpose of the email newsletters must be apparent and transparent, so, therefore, before you compose an email newsletter, you must determine the goal at the earliest stages. What is the sole purpose of this particular email? You must be aware of the WHY. Once you figure out a reasonable and satisfactory answer, you might nurture your customer or existing contacts and become their only option.

3. Dedicated emails

Dedicated emails are a type of email that enables the set-up of a context for call-to-action. They are also known as sponsored emails or standalone emails. The purpose of dedicated emails is to promote any product or service. Such commercial messages or emails are a part of a comprehensive marketing strategy. However, digitally established startups and businesses opt for rental email lists to promote web-based products and services.

4. Lead nurturing emails

Promotional emails, as an inbound marketing tactic, is about nurturing your leads. Such emails ensure you understand the necessity of timing and the need of your leads.

Nonetheless, the boost in conversion rate is the absolute cake of an email marketing strategy but being able to automate it and cut labour and time is the cherry on top.

Lead nurturing email is the ultimate digital marketing service since it introduces a series of related promotional messages with a coherent goal. It is a multifaceted beast and can be designed to promote valuable content—for instance, blog posts, webinars, eBooks, and discounts. The advantage of lead nurturing email is that it is timely, automated and targeted.

5. Transactional emails

When you place an order online, you receive an email that confirms your order and provides you shipment details and other detailed information about your history, i.e., a recent purchase. Also, remember that the last time you signed up for an event or industry webinar, you got an email it contained a link to validate your registration. Such emails are categorised as transactional emails.

One of the benefits one can leverage from transactional emails is a high click-through rate. Yes! You read it right. Recipients anticipate a response and are most likely to convert and get engaged for a more significant period.

6. Follow-up emails

To me, re-engagement emails are mandatory. Knocking on a door that opened a minute ago has more chances of opening again. Asking for feedback is an excellent way to reintroduce your company to their minds. If they respond, it’s a win-win situation: they’re now actively aware of your company, and you’ve got new feedback to work with to improve processes and marketing tactics.

7. Brand story emails

Brand story emails tell your brand’s story through various marketing channels. By leveraging emotional responses, storytelling can be a powerful tool for communicating with customers and prospects. So, ask yourself, “Does your brand have a personal story?” Do you have a video of your company’s profile that you’d like to share?

Please make your story clear in emails and other marketing content, use your history to exemplify reputation while showing your story in emails and other marketing content, and use your history to exemplify importance while showing your focus to establish purpose. Every company has a unique story to tell and can start with your distinct selling point.

8. Review request emails

Requesting reviews from your top and most satisfied customers is an excellent start. It also doesn’t hurt to include an incentive, such as the chance to win a gift card, if it’s within your budget.

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