email marketing

7 Types of Email Marketing

What if I tell you that emails are still breathing their last breaths in contemporary social media? Yes! Besides the fact that social media has

email marketing in digital marketing

Email Marketing in Digital Marketing

How many emails do you think you receive per day? 100? 200? Forbes reports that the average person checks their mail 15 times daily, although

International day of Peace

International Day of Peace

International Day of Peace The UN general assembly has declared the 21st of September as an International Day of Peace. The day is all about

5 Digital Marketing Tools for Your Business.

5 Digital Marketing Tools for your Business

This is a digital world; everyone is busy online, some are buying, and some are selling, but both need an understanding of different digital tools

Asia cup 2022

Asia Cup 2022 – Who Will Rule Asia?

Well, well, well! We all witnessed India lifting the trophy for Asia cup 2018, held in UAE. But guess what? India is almost out of

6th September-Defence Day

6th September – Defence Day

India wanted Lahore. Did they achieve it? No! Pakistan was able to defend its territory! And in honor of that, Neitezens celebrate 6th September –

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