International Day of Peace

International Day of Peace

The UN general assembly has declared the 21st of September as an International Day of Peace. The day is all about observing peace and ceasefire. But peace is not all about nonviolence; it is when everybody feels safe and secure and gets the opportunity to flourish. Peace is when people are treated equally, irrespective of their race.

“You can’t separate peace from freedom because no one can be at peace unless he has his freedom.”

Peace is a goal for everyone around the globe. Searching for inner peace is a lifelong struggle but is worth all the challenges faced. Peace begins with a journey from you. Make every possible effort to maintain peace around you. Anything that costs your peace is too costly.

Peace and Conflict

Peace is like laughter like a musical bell,

Conflict is people crying,

Peace is everything being well,

Conflict is people dying,

Peace is a sound that makes you sing,

Conflict is punishment,

The peace you find in your heart

Conflict tears our minds apart,

Peace is sought after

And sometimes found

 Growth and Prosperity

Peace is all about bringing growth and prosperity to society. Without peace, achieving cultural growth, political stability, and economic strength is impossible. Maintaining peace is every individual’s duty. Most people don’t want to get into a painful war. The purpose of celebrating the International Day of Peace is to teach people about the importance of peace because n.

With Peace comes Happiness

Peace brings happiness.

Happiness comes with peace.

We help each other, and that is what matters

We need peace, to survive,

Peace needs us, to keep a community alive!



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