Stay Away from these Marketing Myths

Marketing is essential for brands with more prominent names to smaller ones. Not all the information about marketing you hear is accurate. There are made myths by a lot of people. A lot of brands have suffered from them over the period.

There is a difference in understanding which trick best suits your business. Avoid some misconceptions, and you’ll be off to a good start.

Myth 1: if something has worked for a company, it will work for our company too.

Not all brands or companies are built on equal grounds. If your brand is similar to another one, why does it exist then? Even if you are a company with products/services like others, there would still be a difference. That difference is your actual USP, and you need to know that. So, if your company is different, how come the same marketing strategies would work for you?

Myth 2: All our Content needs to be about our Brand

An audience follows your social media for the updated news about your business. It cannot just be anything so general or so specific; you can do various things to promote, convince, and educate people about your brand, product, or services. Try to learn more about your audience, likes, and needs, and target accordingly.

Myth 3: Our Service/Product is so good, we don’t need Marketing

Suppose companies as big as Amazon, Apple, or Disney need marketing. Don’t you dare say to yourself that your brand needs no marketing? If your product speaks for itself, no one will find out unless you market it. Only the realization of finding out about the proper marketing strategy for your brand would help you know the importance of marketing.

Myth 4: If we have social media, we don’t need a website

The sole purpose of both social media and the website is to spread awareness about your brand. Still, the presentation of the information would be different. Even if your social media is doing great, it can never replace a good website.


It is not easy to build a marketing strategy, but it is one of the most important things to do for your brand. Your marketing values should never miss out on the customers because you are because of them. These myths are a few of the misconceptions you might face at any step of building or developing a brand. Try to avoid them.

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