5 Facts About Content Marketing

Content marketing is considered a game-changer approach in the digital marketing world. A systematic content marketing approach focuses on creating distinct, unique, valuable, relevant, well thought, and composed content. However, expert marketers never underestimate the difference clever content marketing can make. In this post, 5 facts about content marketing are highlighted.

Presently, social media platforms are crowded late night hours. As a result, most users browse content on the internet at midnight. Think of your browsing routine, watching street food reels at 2:00 AM. Right? You aren’t going to go and have some this hour. But still, you enjoy its essence. That’s purposeless! But, we all do it. At least, I do!

So, it gives an idea. In a digital world, endless information is available on almost everything. Tips and tricks, techniques and strategies, hacks and hints, facts and figures, etc., or any other consumable media is content. Undoubtedly, such a broad content spectrum urges the need for content strategy and marketing. But unfortunately, content marketing is a complex and convoluted world. It works on the hit and trial technique rather than one properly tested formula.

However, some perks of content marketing can never be neglected at any cost, only if mixed and matched with a result or goal-oriented strategies. While there is no magic trick to an effective marketing strategy, five convincing facts about content marketing can help you choose the best.

Fact # 1: Blogs - Drives Traffic

Blogging is a cost-effective, simple, and handy tool for content marketing. It undeniably drives traffic to your website, boosts engagement, and generates leads for your company. In addition, blogs display a company’s image and develop a voice for a particular brand. Some other perks companies enjoy after investing in blog content marketing include nurturing leads and increasing insights into the customer base.

Trust me, neglecting blog content marketing is not an option. Frequent, regular, consistent, creative, and SEO-friendly content can truly deliver results.

Fact # 2: Visuals - Boosts Engagement

Think of yourself; how much time do you spend on Instagram? What sort of content do you watch there? Over time, the importance of the gradually rising prominence of visual content can never be neglected. After all, Instagram is all about visual content!

Undoubtedly, pictures maximize engagement. Vibrant colors activate the brain more quickly than any other sort of content. The color, contrast, shade, and idea put a profound impression on the user’s mind and, consequently, get into the memory for a longer time than any written text.

Fact # 3: Emails - Generate Leads

In my opinion, Email marketing is a more powerful channel than social media marketing. However, since users do not actively scroll through social media, it is passive scrolling and does not contribute much to lead generation and conversion.

In addition, email marketing promotes brand awareness and expansion of audience reach and derives maximum results from product or service endorsement. Email marketing offers an extra edge: automated responses and 24/7 customer care service. Therefore, it plays a vital role in building trustworthy relations with customers.

Fact # 4: Content - Nurture Results

To me, no content is organic. Yes! It is a factual statement to make. But, it is what it is. No matter how hard you try to write pure, original, and actual content, similar or somewhat identical content is available on the mainstream internet. So, to me, original content is overrated.

So, one should save time in producing real rare content and focus on thorough research in the deep seas of content. Invest your time in creating competent content rather than original but still lousy.

Fact # 5: Strategy - Leverage Goals

It is sad to say there is no rule for absolute strategy. It is indeed a risky and chance-taking thing to do in content marketing. You can never do the paperwork first. Instead, one needs to do it along with implementation.

Content marketing strategy is a diversified world but varies accordingly. Like many strategists, constraints to website content only while others consider every social media platform. Since there is no absolute mantra for result-yielding strategy, one got to have to mix and play until a suitable combination truly delivers.


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