Asia Cup 2022 – Who Will Rule Asia?

Well, well, well! We all witnessed India lifting the trophy for Asia cup 2018, held in UAE. But guess what? India is almost out of the race for the final of Asia Cup 2022 – Who will rule Asia?

Even though, this year, the officials changed the game format from ODI to T20. And India is the number one team in the T20 ranking. But these are some black days for the Indian fans since the men in blue lost against the arch-rivals Shaheens in a nail-biting match.

That trauma was brutal, but the curse continued, and the Indians lost another critical game against Sri Lanka last night. Indeed, maximizing their chance to reach the Mumbai airport rather than the final. Only five days left for the crucial final of Asia Cup 2022 – Who Will Rule Asia?

Journey of the Asia Cup 2022

The announcement of the venue has been dramatic. Not only did the forum cause the delay, but due to the prevailing COVID situation, the Asia cup was postponed from July to September.

Firstly, Pakistan was going to host Asia Cup 2022, but that didn’t get finalized due to the political tension between Pakistan and India. Secondly, the stage was ready to set in Sri Lanka. But, then, due to the economic crisis, it shifted from there to UAE. Finally, the venue for the 15th edition of the Asia Cup was announced.

Teams of the Asia Cup 2022

Six teams; Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Afghanistan, India, and Hong Kong. Hong Kong secured the last position in the qualified team for the tournament after beating UAE in the qualifier matches.

Overall, the Asia Cup journey has been a hell of a thrilling ride. Nevertheless, until now, we have witnessed low-scoring thrillers to high-scoring nail-biting matches. The top-notch rivalries came across twice this tournament. However, both teams were delighted with the essence of victory once.

Nonetheless, the underdogs of the tournament, Bangladesh, played a critical do-or-die game against Sri Lanka but unfortunately lost it in the last over. And with this defeat, they didn’t make it to the super 4’s.

However, Hong Kong was brutally knocked out of the tournament by Pakistan. The green shirts cleaned up Hong Kong XI in ten overs and won the match by 155 runs.

Afghanistan has been silent jeopardy for every team. Their strong bowling lineup is alarming for every other team. And why not? Pakistan’s ex-cricketer, dangerous bowler, the uncrowned king of the yorker, Umar Gul, is the bowling coach for Afghanistan.

Favorites of the Asia Cup 2022

India and Pakistan were top favorites for the Asia Cup 2022. India, the men in blue shirts, rank number one in the T20 format, while Pakistan, the shaheens in green shirts, is an unpredictable and formidable team.

However, India is stuck in complex calculations of the run rate and results of other teams’ matches. In contrast, Pakistan must play their natural game against Afghanistan and Sri Lanka to land in the final of the Asia Cup 2022. But Sri Lanka’s performance against India has been groundbreaking under such nerve-racking pressure.

Analyzing the impressive performances, weaknesses, and strengths, and of course, the unpredictability of the format, the answer to the million-dollar question, Who Will Rule Asia? , is still uncertain.

Pakistan wins the Asia Cup 2022

I wish, dream, and pray that Pakistan wins the Asia Cup 2022.

At this crucial time, when Pakistan is devastated due to severe flooding and economic crisis, the team’s victory can generate a wave of relief and temporary happiness among the netizens.

On September 11, the final of the Asia Cup 2022 will be played, and We desire to see Pakistan’s flag waving high and our shaheens lifting the trophy.

In the end!

Techy Storm wishes the Pakistan team all the best. Go out and give it your best. Whatever happens, you’ve already got a lot to be proud of. Go forth and conquer!

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