Eid Al Adha- Love, Sacrifice, and Commitment

Eid Ul Adha is celebrated on the 10th day of the last month of the Islamic calendar; Du-Al Hajjah. Eid is followed by the holy pilgrimage of Hajj, one of the important five pillars of Islam. The celebration of Eid Ul Adha is in remembrance of the Prophet Ibrahim’s devotion toward Allah Almighty and his readiness to sacrifice his son. At the time to sacrifice, Allah Almighty replaced Prophet Ismail with a ram to be slaughtered in the place of his son. The order from God tested Prophet Ibrahim’s commitment and willingness to obey his Lord. After that, Eid Ul Aadha became an event of sacrifice and an obligation for those who could afford it.

Sacrifice and Compassion

After the Eid prayer on the first day of Eid, the act of Qurbani is carried out around the globe, and the celebrations last 3-4 days. The sacrifice can be made from 10th to 12th Al Hajjah. The sacrificial animal can only be a goat, lamb, sheep, cow, bull, or camel. A sheep, lamb, and goat have only one share, whereas the cow, bull, or camel has seven shares per animal. To follow the halal Islamic way, the animal should be in good health and be of a certain age to be ready for the sacrifice.

Share Meat, Share Happiness

The Qurbani meat is then shared in a proper division. The meat is divided into three equal portions. One-third is for you and your family, one-third is for friends, and one for those in need. Eid is spent celebrating with the family and loved ones, often wearing new or the best attires. The Yummiest food is prepared and served to the visitors. Eid is an occasion of happiness, sharing, love, and positivity. It is about understanding those who can’t celebrate it for any reason. It is about joining hands with your fellow brothers and sisters to celebrate the brightest moments.

Let’s talk about the best things about celebrating Eid in Pakistan:

BBQ Parties

Especially on Eid Al Adha, BBQ parties are the most awaited gatherings in Pakistan. All the friends and cousins gather to have festive BBQ nights and traditional food. Eid Al Adha is incomplete without finger-licking tikkas, juicy seekh kababs, tempting handi, fresh salads, and lip-smacking sauces. These traditional food gatherings are a reason for great excitement among Pakistanis.

Eid Day Shenanigans

The day starts with the Eid Namaz at the nearest Mosque; after that, a gathering at breakfast is how Eid begins. Once the sacrifice has been made, the cleaning, cutting, and distributing of the meat has to start. The final step is where the meet is set out to be distributed to the family, friends, and all those in need.

Family Gatherings

After the obligatory rituals, the families start getting ready, wearing their favorite new dresses. Home is filled with the aroma of traditional main courses, desserts, and all the treats. Every person strives to cook the best and most unusual food in their homes on the special occasion of EID.

It’s all About Sacrifice

Eid AL Adha is to make us understand the importance of compassion and connection with God. It is about sacrifice and sharing what you have with those who don’t have it. It Is all about brotherhood, mutual festivity, happiness, and peace for all. It is good to share what you eat and wear with those who can’t usually enjoy such luxuries on regular days. Life is about following what Allah says and ensuring his creation is happy with your little acts of kindness.


                   Happy Eid Al Adha from Team Techy Storm!
                                   Have a Meaty Eid.


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