Fun ways to spend last summer break days!

The last day of summer break is around the corner. The summer vacations start from June 1st and will last till August 14th. So a wholesome package of 75 long days is coming to an end soon. We have a chance to opt for fun ways to spend last summer break days.

On June 1st, parents, especially mothers, worried about how they will manage their work with every half-minute interruption? How will they keep their kids busy with productive activities? But, since the summer break is about to end. Now, they might be thinking, how on earth are these days over? The summer break ended in a blink of an eye. Well, I know I’m being pretty much optimistic here. But, a mother’s love is just like that.

So, now they might be planning some fun ways to spend last summer break days with you. I can even bet on this! Although, I’m caged and bound to work 8 hours a day. But this is how practical life is! So, I thought of jotting down some fun activities to add to your memory book before the real world unravels to you.

Plan holiday in holidays!

The summer break is ending in less than a month. So, start packing your bags and give yourself a break from the summer break. Sounds fun! Right? Plan a fantastic road trip, or go for a hike. You can also go camping. But, don’t forget to check the weather forecast. Pay visits to your loved ones, spend time with them and make many memories. Like a lot!


It's Me O' clock!

Even if you’re working, take some me time off and spend time with your family at home and the workplace. Undoubtedly, the workplace is like a second home, and the team is like a family (at least my team is).

When you plan such outings, you get to know your team better and how they are in person outside the office. It will help you detach from all the negative vibes. Indeed, vibes are real. But, we got to deal with it! Right? Besides the vibe, it will effectively change your attitude towards work and add positivity to the workplace environment.

Exit comfort zone!

In the last summer break days, list new places and try to explore them. It must not necessarily be out of your city; there are always some locations we have never visited, even if we were born and brought up in the same town. Try to explore them! Rather than sitting idly on the couch, watching Netflix, explore your city. You can even explore other towns if you are interested. There are no boundaries to embarking on any adventures.

As quoted by Gary Shteyngart, “We know summer is the height of being alive.”

Try out new cuisines!

Well, one should never wait for holidays to try out new cuisines. So make foodies, your friend! And find out delicious dishes. A foodie friend is like a talking review card that doesn’t go waste.

Break some rules and live in the moment. Rather than keeping a balance of your balanced diet, take a day off (cheat day) and taste the flavors of life. Put your calorie calculator aside and rate different cuisines. It’s dope! Browse through the internet to find out the best cuisine near you. Never go alone! Take your friends with you.

Spend quality time at home!

Since it’s monsoon weather, all your planning can go in vain. So, be prepared for sudden plan cancellation and buckle up to do certain fun activities at your home. We know how to kill time at home thanks to the quarantine times.

Cards, chess, and carrom:

Board games’ legacy continues! So avoid picking up video games; instead, choose board games. It will help you kill time and teach you certain things like when to make the right move and play the right cards (Life lessons). Ludo-king of the board games is the ultimate fun way to spend quality time with the people you adore. Chess is our all-time favorite game to play at Techy storm.

Dumb charades:

It is a fun game to play. First, you must divide yourselves among two teams; let’s call them teams A and B. Then, one person, let us call it Mr. X, is selected from team A, and a movie name is given by team B secretly to Mr. X. Now, Mr. X has to put in the effort by acting to make his team members guess the movie name correctly. Sounds fun! Right?

Dumb charades, interestingly, can be played anywhere. All you need is enough people to make the teams. It could be the best option for get-togethers. Even if you’re in the office, you can play this game in lunch breaks. It’s refreshing.

Watch a Movie!

Watch any super hit movie available on Netflix, but this time not alone.

Cook something new!

Families who eat together stay together. So, put out new dishes that taste mind-blowing. Then, make them desire your food!

Finish your work before it's too late!

To all the procrastinators, it’s high time to complete your summer vacation tasks. Indeed, this vacation period isn’t going to last forever. So, get your left chores done ASAP! And then, Make these days all about your family time. Spend these days in a way that you can talk about them in the cozy nights of winter. Cherish these moments to the fullest!

Get ready!

Restyle your room, set your garden, learn how to drive, and start a fitness routine before it’s too late. Summer is a vibe, and summer break is to live that vibe. So, live your vibe! CHEERS!

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