Role of social media

Social media is a tool of today’s world. The user-friendliness has made it everyone’s favorite. People connect through distance using Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and several platforms. All thanks to social media for bringing the whole world to our fingertips. Recent research claims that the age group from 20-29 are the most significant social media users, which is 1/3rd of the total population using social media globally, and we can’t deny it.

Something with so much power can’t just be good but has some negative aspects to it as well. Like the coin with two sides, social media has the same way of working. Let’s dig into the role of social media.

Advantages of social media

First thing first, social media is an excellent device for education. A bulk of knowledge is just a click away. And it’s pretty helpful for almost every person in any field or domain. You can now attend a lecture happening in America just by sitting back in your room in Pakistan. Cool Right?

Goodbye Print Media

As more and more people are distancing themselves from print media, they are now dependent on social media to keep them updated on every aspect. Social media can help them stay updated with all the happenings worldwide. Keeping people updated is one of the critical roles of social media.

Distance is not a Barrier Anymore

Social media has strengthened the bond between distantly separated loved ones. You can easily communicate through audio, video calling, text, and voice messages; you can also share pictures and videos. There is no limit to it as we move towards big data and significant evolution.

Showcase your Art through social media

Interestingly social media has become an excellent platform for young artists to showcase their talent to the world. You can make a profile of your own, share the piece of art with the world, and receive all the love and appreciation you deserve. There is always a probability of online hate, but you must always use it constructively by improving your craft.

Promote your Brand

Big News! Social media is your best friend if you are into business and need promotions for your brand. You can target a larger audience through different platforms for selling your services and products. Many sales can be generated through social media, so why not?

Social media can help you connect with thousands of people looking for the same niche you are working on. Techy Storm is one of those platforms helping businesses and brands reach a larger audience through social media marketing and branding strategies. The role of social media is a vast set of concepts, and we can go on and on with it.

Disadvantages of social media

Despite all the positive aspects, social media has a darker side. It is also considered one of the most harmful tools in society. If social media usage is not monitored, it can lead to grave results. Social media is going to invade your privacy like never before. Children suffer from cyberbullying, hacking, and a lot due to over-sharing personal stuff.

It’s an Addiction

If the time spent on social media is not controlled, it can get addictive and hamper an individual’s overall academic and work performance. We have seen a communal rift through fake news, poisoning the lives of peaceful people. People have no physical activities left, resulting in mental and physical sickness.

How do we sum up?

Social media has countless benefits and disadvantages, but it depends on the user. It’s an old saying:

Every tool works between good and evil; it’s up to us to use it for our construction or destruction. 

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