Tips for creating engaging social media content

According to Maslow’s Hierarchy of needs, the most basic human survival needs include food, shelter, and clothes. But, in the digital era, I believe social media has made its way to the pyramid’s bottom block. Indeed, almost every individual, every day, spends a prestigious portion of his time on social media. Therefore, small to highly reputed businesses must be on social media platforms. But unfortunately, the attention span is the main hindrance in making an unbeatable online presence. So, we anticipate that the social media content must be good, practical, engaging, and persuading. Here a few tips for creating engaging social media content are jotted down. Let us get started!

Honestly, social media platforms are not just for loading it with posts, memes, images, videos, and lengthy blogs. All this content is useless if it is created without any purpose. So, creating purposeful content is mandatory—an effective social media content strategy that puts check and balance on the achieved targets and identified goals. But, how do we audit our social media content strategy? How do we measure the engagement of our social media content? To me, engaging social media content results in increased traffic, clicks, likes, comments, shares, mentions, and of course, sales.

To benefit from your social media content, it ought to be engaging and persuading since I’m emphasizing this point again. So, I’ll provide some interesting tips for creating engaging social media content.

Be yourself!

Before diving deep into the topic, I must warn you that not every content is unique. Especially in this jam-packed era, social media platforms are loaded with content, and it is undoubtedly impossible to create content that is one and only. Everyone talks and writes about trending topics on national and International days. It would be best if you also write it in a way that speaks for yourself, your brand, and your personality. Be original! Share personal experiences, team images, and definitely, your journey.

It requires maximum effort and time investment. But, it is fruitful! It helps you gain the readers’ and followers’ attention, trust, and loyalty. If you are consistent and natural, you will reach the identified goals. Avoid hiring ghostwriters for your posts since only you can relate your content with your personality. But, you can take assistance from the one offering it. Instead, hire an experienced and authentic team that puts lives into your social media content. As a result, maximum engaging social media content.


Research is not just for science students but for everyone willing to survive in the competitive market. So do your research to know your audience, what kind of content they want, and generate relevance! But, relevance only is insufficient to meet your set goals. Understand your audience! Analyze the market proactively! Figure out challenges and needs to set the momentum.

To create engaging and noticing content, you must understand your targeted audience, classify them, and then create honest content for them. Keep it in mind that your content is not for everyone. Instead, before organizing your thoughts, do your research on the target group. Then, outline, generate relevance, and put it in words that resonate with your audience. Speak their language! Study your audience’s conscience for creating engaging social media content.


Create action-taking content to reach your set goals. The social media content must develop a voice for your brand that is convincing and compelling. Spread positivity with your content! For example, tell them a story about your brand’s journey. Touch their sentiments! To persuade does not only mean converting leads into sales But making an impact on your audience’s conscience. Make them talk about you!

Unfortunately, data is also essential. But, telling facts and figures in the form of a story helps you engage your audience and later results in conversion. Avoid criticizing other competitors, stay humble, and spread positive vibes only. Never waste your words and time to prove your uniqueness. Although sharing a recent review of your client helps build a trusting relationship with the followers and engages the maximum audience.

At the end of your post, give a hint to your audience; what to do next. For example, prompt your reader to take action by adding a call to action (CTA). It benefits in various ways. To motivate your audience to take certain steps, CTA is a helping tool. Following CTAs can help you generate high engagement on your social media content.

  • Ask them to like, comment, and share
  • Direct them to the landing page
  • Persuade to subscribe
  • Link relevant pieces of content by “Read more.”
  • Send them to your website
  • Throw a riddle they can solve in the comment box
  • Share other social media platform handles

Keep it classy with visuals!

Visuals are more engaging than words. So, use images, graphics, and videos to share your brand story. I believe graphics overtake words. A non-static visual post says more than words. It has colors, voices, scenes, and sentiments. So, hook your viewers with your graphics. To me, videos resonate more effectively with the audience than content.

Keep it to the point!

The last and significant tip is to use simple vocabulary. Advanced and complex words cause a lack of interest and hence engagement. Therefore, please keep it simple for creating engaging social media content. Please don’t leave them handcuffed in your complicated thesaurus quagmire. See! You had to look in the dictionary to understand this line. Avoid this! Go easy with your words. Also, master your headings, mix up your content, and relate with your audience.

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