Content Writing VS. Copywriting?

Content writing and copy-writing are the most in-demand skills in the field of digital marketing. Though many of you may think they are the same, there are undeniable distinctions. The difference between them lies in the same line as lime and lemon. Nutritionally identical, they belong to the same citrus family, but lime tends to be bitter in flavor than lemon. But only a cooking expert can use them accordingly. In the same way, the digital marketing company can figure out when to hire a content writer or a copywriter. Although, both create content for marketing purposes.


You might be thinking, if writing marketing copy is the sole purpose of the job, then why do we need to hire copywriters and content writers separately. Undoubtedly, you need to make a heck of copies in digital marketing, but what if I tell you there are two types of marketing copy with absolutely different jobs.  Yeah! You read it right. Two kinds of marketing copy, doing various assignments. One sells while the other informs. A clear picture in your head will help you understand when to hire a copywriter or when a content writer could be the savior for your company.


Let’s jot down the main differences between them. What are their roles in digital marketing? What skill set do they require? Why is it significant to understand it? Ready for the crucial ride. Let’s get started!


Content writers and Copywriters do the same job!

You might be thinking that initially, I kept on emphasizing to understand the difference between them, and now I am saying both are the same thing. Indeed, they are because they both write. Right? They both write for marketing purposes. That sounds about right too. But! The impact of their writings urges us to enlist them separately.


What they write in Content writing?

Content writer is more focused on driving organic traffic and laying the ground for future sales. The content could be writing blogs, video scripts, social media posts, YouTube video descriptions, E-books, ‘About’ website content, and FAQs. The content is all about keeping the image of the company alive. The content they create is more focused on SEO to drive web traffic. However, a good balance of creativity and SEO is the skill a content writer must master.

Who doesn't like telling stories?

If I talk about the genre of content writing, it’s more like telling a story. The content writer must go hard on words to touch the reader’s sentiments, to make the reader remember YOU. Now, the internet is loaded with a lot of content related to almost everything. So, I must warn you! It’s tough to grasp the attention of the reader. The reader wants things simple that to dig deep.

Let’s be honest. Your content isn’t for everyone out there. So, keep the level of creativity up, focus on the SEO and avoid grammar errors as you avoid cardamom in biryani.

Hold on, take a deep breath while we start talking about copywriters.

Converting a lead into a sale!

Copywriters highlight the positive features of the company and persuade people to take action. They tend to be precise and effective in their writings. Their job is not only to create content for advertisement and marketing but to brainstorm creative ideas that inspire the target niche to acquire the opportunity.

The branding depends entirely on them. Copywriters have the heavy-duty of optimizing their content to trigger the target audience to take a specific action. They convert the leads into sales. They give voice to the brand’s strategy.

If a copywriter is the one who creates an image of the company, then a content writer is the one who keeps the image ALIVE!

What Skills do you need to master for Content writing and Copywriting?

Content writing requires the best research on the relevant industry to create content for them. Content writing involves planning, writing, editing, and proofreading. Clearly! It’s not all about writing, as the name states. For effective content writing, you need to have it all related to the background of the industry. You must be fully aware of the products and services they offer.

To know your audience is the utmost demand of copywriting. The strategy for effective copywriting requires emotions to grab the reader’s attention. Jumping on the bandwagon could be risky, but it’s worth it if it’s turning leads into sales. The demise of newspapers may cause people to think there is no future for writing jobs. But! Writing is a vital ingredient in every niche in the current times.

If you can’t deliver in writing what you’re offering but can provide it with words, then hire the ones who can. There is no shame in getting professional help to brand your company effectively.
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