Happy Independence Day, Long Live Pakistan!

Can you feel the essence of freedom in the air? It is, however, easy to take freedom for granted. But, our ancestors fought for the freedom we enjoy today. August 14th, 2022 is the 75th Independence Day of Pakistan. Happy Independence Day, Long Live Pakistan!

Since August brings a wave of patriotism among the people, as Independence Day approaches, we will start seeing stalls, flags, badges, caps, and many other unique ornaments on every street. We celebrate liberty with excitement, devotion, and passion. The national flags are raised on all public buildings to show love and affection for the country.

The best thing I love about this Day is the National Monuments of Pakistan are decorated in eye-catchy styles with white and green lights. In addition, every national or public building is colored in the colors of Pakistan’s National flag.

Recharge your patriotism to celebrate Independence Day!

Decorate your house:

As a tradition, there is a special make-over to the house for the Independence Day Celebration. The theme must be white and green. Flags, balloons, lights, and buntings are required to decorate the home. There is tough competition between kids living on the same street to make their houses look the most beautiful and unique. The roads are also stocked up with Jhandiyaan.

The decoration is a fun activity for families especially! The purpose is to inherit the tradition to the next generations. When all streets, houses, buildings, and national monuments are lighted with the colors of Pakistan’s Flag, it depicts Unity!

Sing Milli Naghmay:

Do you know why different national songs are played (on repeat) everywhere as we enter the month of August? That is because playing soulful Milli Naghmay is the best way to boost your passion.

Dil se mene Dekha Pakistan, Hai Jazba Junoon, Sohni Dharti, Dil Dil Pakistan, Jeevay Jeevay Pakistan, and the list goes on! Play and sing along! Honestly, it will give you goose-bumps. These national songs ignite the spirit and patriotism of every Pakistani. The soulful lyrics evoke deep emotions and build a loyal sense of belonging.

Remember those who sacrificed their lives to create a separate and independent homeland and those who lost their lives to safeguard our beloved Pakistan’s liberty, dignity, and honor. The morning of Independence Day begins with the flag raising ceremony held at Wagha Border in Lahore. So may our flag fly higher!

Paint your face white and green:

I believe flags, balloons, and lights are not enough to celebrate Independence Day. So get your face painted white and green! There is usually a stall on every street corner. It contains badges, stickers, flags, and other ornaments for kids.

Lit up the crackers!

Of course, firecrackers cause hazards, But we Pakistani are loud! So Fireworks will always be the priority. Definitely! At midnight gaze at the sky in amazement with your dear ones. Look out for fireworks displays!

Dine in with your family!

Where there is a party, there is food! So, take extra steps to make your dining table look extravagant by making desserts and cakes. But, don’t forget the theme colors; white and green. Pour your creativity out! Make delicious dishes like chicken tikka, Shinwari, Nihari, and Biryani. (For me, Biryani rules the dining table!) Then, invite the veterans living in the neighborhood to dinner. Honor them with respect! Show solidarity! Pay tribute to the Martyrs’ families!

Watch Movies!

Quaid-e-Azam Zindabaad is on the trending list these days. Gather friends, families, and neighbors. Screen this movie on a projector. If you are old school like me, watch Alpha Bravo Charlie!

Plant a tree!

Considering the hazards of global warming, plant a tree to save Pakistan from it. Go green!

Let's Pledge!

August 14th,2022 is the Day when the ill-wishers of Pakistan will realize that we are a strong and resilient nation. We believe in what our Founder said, “Unity, faith, and discipline!”

The poorly minded world thought a country like Pakistan would hardly survive for two years. But, here we are, making it to 75 years of independence! So, on this Day, let us pledge together that we will play our role for the betterment of Pakistan. As a result, we will rise as a prosperous nation globally with hard work, effort, devotion, determination, and dedication.

Celebrate and appreciate this Day to the fullest since our ancestors shed blood, tears, and sweat just for the sake of a separate identity and a homeland. So please don’t take it for granted! Techy Storm wishes you a very Happy Independence Day, Long Live Pakistan!

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