How to stay on top in the Automobile industry?

Auto Mobile Industry

Pakistan has been importing auto parts from other countries to assemble them within the country. This is an expensive way of running the industry, which is one reason for expensive cars in Pakistan. The auto sector needs profound change in strategy and development planning. We would be unable to lower the prices if we don’t develop them within the country.

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Most Revenue Generating Industry

The automobile industry provides a large number of job opportunities to any country. It is one of the most revenue-generating industries a country owns. Most vehicles are now shifting on electricity to restrain oil and gas consumption. Innovation and change are welcomed in this industry, which always has room for new ideas, fresh talent, and more workforce.

Auto Mobile Industry & GDP

4% of a country’s GDP depends on the automobile industry, and it helps employ over 1.8 million people in different positions. Currently, Pakistan has 3200 manufacturing plants. It is estimated to grow the GDP by 50 billion. An estimated 3.5 million people are employed in these plants, supporting the vendor industry. It is also one of the high tax-paying sectors.

Heavy Taxes on Auto Mobile Industry

The mini-budget has imposed more taxes on the automobile industry. It has increased the cost of both local and imported cars. The tax is now doubled the existing one. One lac on vehicles that are 1000CC and two lacs on cars between 1000-2000CC, and around 4 Lac on vehicles more than 2000CC. It would probably not decrease with the current situation of inflation. For more news on it, you can always visit Dial-a-Car.

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