Protect your brand identity!

What comes to your mind when you hear the word BRAND? Any business that outplayed the competition and maintained a prestigious position in its business niche. A strong brand identity helps you cherish relationships with your customers built on loyalty and increase revenue. But, making yourself a brand takes a lot of effort, time, and dedication. So, how can you compromise on its safety? This blog is an ultimate guide to building a strong and protected brand identity. So, let’s begin the roller coaster ride from ordinary to extraordinary!

Understand Brand identity!

If I talk about brand identity, I would say it’s nothing more than a few visual elements required to make an impression on your customer’s mind. But, we all know the First impression is the last! So, it ought to be something unique and impact customers’ minds in a way that they remember you! One thing that needs to be highlighted here is the difference between Brand identity and Brand image. First, you work on developing brand identity. Then, you take steps to protect it. After that, a brand image is built. Finally, you maintain the brand image by serving your customer’s expectations to the fullest.

Here, a few pain points are discussed that are mandatory for cultivating a strong brand identity. So, let’s dig in!

Name it, then claim it! To protect your brand identity!

It is obvious to develop such a brand identity that no one can steal. So invest your time and energy in developing an appealing yet distinctive name, logo, color scheme, and marketing model. For clarity, I would say here I am talking about the most crucial aspect of branding-Trademarks! They play a significant role in protecting a brand’s identity.

Let’s take the example of Techy storm, for instance, to understand what trademarks are and what they aren’t!

A name- Techy storm

A logo- T is the initial from techy, whereas the dotted icon shows the storm of connections.

A slogan- “Where ideas meet creativity.”

A website-

So, we get the idea to register our trademark and purchase the domain name afterward.

Tips to protect your brand identity:

Domain name:

Your greatest valuable asset is your website. So, take some extra steps to make it worth it to save the brand identity.

  • Register your domain name with the extension .com
  • Purchase other versions of your domain name, i.e., .org, .net, etc.
  • Pay extra bucks to get security alerts if someone else registers with your domain name.


The logo and tagline need extra safety. It is highly expected that the competitors will try to steal your idea and improvise it for their good.

  • File copyright to protect your brand identity

Social media platforms:

We all have studied once in our lifetime that the cell’s powerhouse is mitochondria. Likewise, social media is the marketing powerhouse. So harness the magical benefits of social media platforms. But, still if you are not planning to make an online presence, secure your brand identity there too. Create accounts with your brand name on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest.

Brand guidelines:

Establish practical brand guidelines, and share them. Then, make sure your team clearly understands and implements them. Indeed, your brand isn’t all about the logo. Avoid thinking locally! Every brand has the potential to go globally! Think big, achieve big!

Monitoring and auditing your brand online:

I believe the ultimate protection of a brand identity requires regular auditing and monitoring across all social media platforms. Don’t allow identity theft! Instead, ensure to build trustworthy solid relations with the customers and answer all their queries in time. Poor quality of backlinks also affects your brand. For absolute Search engine optimization services, visit Techystorm.

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