Youm e Ashura 2022

Youm e Ashura 2022

Youm e Ashura 2022 is on 9th August 2022, the 10th of Muharram. The event is considered one of the holiest events in the Islamic calendar.

Historical and Religious Significance of Ashura

The Day of Ashura is significant from both a historical and a religious perspective. The Day of Ashura is an important event in the Islamic calendar, and it carries spiritual and historical significance for Muslims around the globe.

Rituals of Youm e Ashura

Some sects observe fasting and praying during this event, while others consider it to be the day of mourning. The day is celebrated to highlight the role of Prophet Hussain (RA) and his profound followers as they took on the brutal Umayyad forces. The battle took place in 680 CE, the battle of supreme sacrifice.

Battle of Karbala

The battle is the story of a glorious legacy of courage and bravery. Prophet Hussain (RA), alongside his immediate family and 71 followers, against the thousands in the brutal army of Yazid. It was a fight against the unjust rule by an oppressive regime, and the sacrifice of Hussain (RA) shall continue to guide humanity as the most illuminating beacon of light till the end.

Message from Karbala

The message from Karbala is the steadfastness of the character when it comes to upholding the values and principles you believe in. No price is ever so high to stand for the right, but a surrender is never an option. Real men with solid characters fight for the truth and stay immortal.

Prophet Hussain (RA) could easily save his family and friends if he had been selfish, but he was the grandson of Prophet Muhammad (SAW), which was his strength.

Lessons from the event of Karbala

  1. Stand with the right even if the death is certain. Be righteous, even if you have to stand alone. This is the only way to defeat injustice.
  2. Don’t be selective when speaking up against evil. Even if the oppressed one doesn’t belong to you or even if the oppressor is related to you, stand up for what is true.
  3. Be kind like prophet Hussain (RA); he offered water, despite the shortage of it, to Hurr and his army. However, Hurr was a leader of the enemy.
  4. Be patient, no matter what. Abbas (RA), the son of Ali (RA) and Fatima (RA), the younger brother of Prophet Hussain (RA), stayed patient and brave throughout the battle.
  5. Be brave like Zainab (RA), the daughter of Sher e Khuda and the Khatoon e Jannat, the sister of Hussain (RA); despite seeing her loved ones being killed in a day while she was tied in ropes, she didn’t fear the brutal enemy but stayed focused on the mission of her brother and spoke fearlessly in the court of Yazid.

Although the event took place 14 centuries ago, the lessons from Karbala are relevant to date. The sacrifice is not just for any specific sect but for humanity. Muharram is more than just mourning.

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